Migrating Legacy Office File to 2007 File Format Using Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) Tools


The Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) is a collection of tools that enables preparation and conversion for migration to the Microsoft 2007 Office system. OMPM checks for, and reports on, file properties to help analyse an environment.

The OMPM File Scanner (offscan) a command-line tool was used, that scans files for conversion.

The OMPM File Scanner was used to perform two types of scans:

§ A light scan that quickly identifies the Office documents on a user’s computer or network file system.

§ A deep scan that you can perform on Office documents to gather document properties that provide indicators of potential conversion issues.

SQL Server 2005 database creation tool enables to create the OMPM database, import scanned logs, and import action logs of converted files for further analysis.

Note: While executing the command line utility (ImportActions.bat) for importing action logs on desktops which are a part of work stations a folder hierarchy needs to be created. Change Folder hierarchy from C:\OFCLogs\MACHINENAME to C:\OFCLogs\YOURDOMAIN\MACHINENAME

ACCESS 2007 reporting is used to analysis scanned & converted results and export the scanned records to a text file for conversion.

The OMPM Office File Converter (OFC) a command-line tool allows for conversion of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to the 2007 Office file formats in bulk.

There are two approaches by which you can perform file conversions with OFC tool

1. FordersToConvert: This approach is not recommended as it only performs the conversion without creating action logs and thus prohibiting the scanned files to be analysed by the Access reporting tool after conversion.

2. FileList: This approach is the recommended one as it performs the conversion and also creates the action logs which can be imported into the SQL Server database for analysis of the converted files by the Access reporting tool.

OMPM Migration Flow of Office File Conversion

OMPM Migration Flow Of Office File Conversion


Official online documentation:




Document Migration considerations:



Office File Converter (OFC)


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Migrating Legacy Office File to 2007 File Format Using Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) Tools

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