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August 30th Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, IIS7, Visual Studio, Silverlight, .NET

September 7, 2007


Here is the latest in my link-listing series.  Also check out my ASP.NET Tips, Tricks and Tutorials page for links to popular articles I’ve done myself in the past.

  • ASP.NET Charting with NPlot: Olav Lerflaten has a great article on that describes how to use the free NPlot chart engine for .NET to create professional scientific charts of data using ASP.NET.

  • Export GridView to Excel: Matt Berseth has another excellent post on how you can export data to Excel from within your ASP.NET application.

  • Using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to Store Date/Time Values: Scott Mitchell has a useful article that describes how to use the UTC format to store date/time values within a SQL database so that it is transportable across timezones.  This is important to think about if your business operates in multiple geographic locations (or if your hosted web-server is located in a different time zone).

  • Fixing Firefox Slowness with localhost on Vista (or XP with IPv6): One annoying issue I’ve run into with Firefox is that sometimes – when doing localhost development – it can take several seconds to connect back to a local page.  It turns out this slowness is caused by a Firefox IPv6 issue with DNS resolution.  Dan Wahlin has a good pointer on how to fix this.

  • ASP.NET AJAX Exception Logging: Kazi Manzur Rashid has a nice article that shows how to create an effective error logging system with ASP.NET AJAX to catch and record client JavaScript errors.

IIS 7.0
  • Developing IIS7 Modules and Handlers with the .NET Framework: Mike Volodarksy from the IIS7 team has an excellent step-by-step blog post that describes how you can now write HttpModules and HttpHandlers using managed code that participate in all requests to a web-server.  This enables you to easily do scenarios that previously required custom C++ ISAPIs to achieve.

  • LINQPad: Joseph Albahari has an incredibly awesome LINQ query expression tool that you can use to quickly try out LINQ expressions.  Think of it as SQL Query Analyzer – but with LINQ expressions as the queries.  Definitely a useful free tool to add to your toolbox.

Visual Studio
  • The SQL Data Tools in VS 2008: Rick Strahl talks about some of the new database schema comparison, data comparison and SQL Refactoring features within Visual Studio 2008.

  • Recreating ITunes in Silverlight: Jose Fajardo has an absolutely fantastic blog with a ton of Silverlight content on it.  One of the projects he has been working on has been recreating Apple’s ITunes Media Player using Silverlight.  Check out his multi-part blog series that discusses step-by-step how he built it.  Absolutely brilliant.

  • New Halo3 Video using Silverlight: The new Halo3 preview video was recently posted to the web – using Silverlight 1.0 to build a custom viewer and stream a HD version of it.  Click here for a lower resolution version if you are on a slow network.

  • Sudoku for Silverlight: David Anson has built a cool online sample using Silverlight that helps you play the popular Sudoku game.  Useful for both Sudoku addicts and developers wanting to learn Silverlight.  

  • Font Embedding and RSS data in Silverlight: Tim Heuer has a cool blog post that shows how you can create your own font-type and embed it within your Silverlight 1.0 application.  He then has his application retrieve dynamic content from an RSS feed and use the custom font to display it.  You can run the finished application online here (all of the text here is dynamic – not a screen-shot).

  • Silverlight Drag and Drop JavaScript Framework: Roberto Hernandez-Pou has a nice article and sample that describes how to implement a drag/drop mechanism for Silverlight 1.0 (using JavaScript).  This article is in both Spanish and English – scroll down if you are looking for the English version.

  • Pascal Support for Silverlight: RemObjects Software now has a project template for VS 2008 that enables you to write Silverlight 1.1 .NET applications using Pascal.  It is kinda wild to see a screenshot of FireFox on the Mac, running a Silverlight application, written with a Pascal code-behind file built with VS 2008. 

  • LLBLGen Pro V2.5 released: Last week Frans Bouma released the latest version of LLBLGen Pro, which is an excellent ORM implementation for .NET.  New features include richer auditing, authorization, and dependency injection support.

  • IronLisp: A new codeplex project has recently started that provides the beginnings of a LISP implementation for .NET which is built using the new DLR (dynamic language runtime) framework for .NET.  Earlier this month I was thinking to myself “I really need to spend some time using LISP or Scheme”.  Now I can do it on .NET.  Sweet.

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August 30th Links: ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, IIS7, Visual Studio, Silverlight, .NET


June 29, 2007


WPF and the Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading.


Did you know: Find out if an exception was thrown from a finally block!

June 29, 2007


This is a big biggie for me, because it enables a much nicer syntax for a lot of stuff. But first, let us show this:

using(new ExceptionDetector())
	if(new Random().Next(1,10)%2 == 0)
          throw new Exception();

How can you tell, from the ExceptionDetector, if an exception was thrown or not? Well, conventional wisdom, and what I thought about until 15 minutes ago, says that you can’t. I want to thank Daniel Fortunov, for teaching me this trick:

public class ExceptionDetector : IDisposable
    public void Dispose()
        if (Marshal.GetExceptionCode()==0)
            Console.WriteLine("Completed Successfully!");


Did you know: Find out if an exception was thrown from a finally block!

Open XML API CTP Released!

June 5, 2007


Open XML API CTP Released!

Generic Range Class

June 4, 2007


Could be a useful replacement for our home-grown version. And this one’s generic.

Generic Range Class


May 31, 2007


WPF and the Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading.


Asynchronous Remoting

May 31, 2007

Top 10 Technologies for 2007

May 28, 2007

Top 10 technologies to focus on in 2007.

Alternative List.

.NET Cheat Sheets

May 24, 2007

Nice posters collection by Jihn Sheehan. Now I need more walls in my office!

.NET Format String Quick Reference Current Version: 1.1 » Download Now (PDF, 123 KB)

ASP.NET 2.0 Page Life Cycle & Common Events Current Version: 1.0 » Download Now (PDF, 64KB)

Visual Studio 2005 Built-in Code Snippets (C#) Current Version: 1.0 » Download Now (PDF, 56 KB)

More to come!

Other Cheat Sheet Links ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Diagram (PNG)

Visual Studio 2005 Default Keybindings C# | VB (PDF) Microsoft ASP.NET…(read more)

Hosting WCF service in IIS

May 21, 2007

A quick how-to